Last week was a week almost entirely dedicated to making up for all the lost weeks on the blog and preparing a buffer. Specifically, preparing my images for next month, which will mark the two-year anniversary of Dungeons and Drawings. Last year we did Dragon Month, which, as you doubtless remember, ended up being a bit longer than that because we couldn't get our act together. Being a bit more organized this year.

So I've got three images for you this week, making up for all the previous missed weeks.

We've got the Aoa, a giant mercurial magic-eating blob born when the Positive and Negative Energy Planes touch at the edges. They eat magic.

There's the Behir, a classic of D&D, being a giant lightning-spitting purple snake that really really hates dragons. Went for a simplistic style with that one.

And the Conflagration Ooze, which follows on the simple style of the Behir. Yet another huge thing, albeit this one being a sentient blob made out of poisoned fire and malice.