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    Default Re: Lords of Creation: Boundless Wonder, Endless Strife. [IC] [Part II]

    Free Port

    "My name is Ship 7. Just call me Ship."

    Ship follows the Doctor down the winding staircase, eventually it opens to a hallway and as they proceed.

    Ship laughs, "There are reasons Blur don't trust gods. Other mortals at least understand when you try to defend yourself."

    He shrugs, "Sorry, read your mind."


    "What? I was jus-"

    Sophia grabbed the Doctor by the tail, the Blur by the collar and pulled them both back as a section of the floor fell away. "I meant stop walking."

    "Oh, thanks, I guess. Wait does anyone else hear moaning?"

    And sure enough the crypt seems to come alive with moans, the sounds of shuffling feet are an especially unwelcome sound. Ship curses,

    "Aimancy, we need to hurry."
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