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Nureen swore silently.
"Aimancy... I can't remember the last time I had to combat it. But if I remember correctly, it can be counteracted by the right spells."
Or the use of divine magic...
"But there's nothing I can do at the moment.
"Come on Marren, we need to hurry."

"I'm not an invalid just yet. And Ship? Stay out of my head. My private theological problems are my own."
"Bigger problems right now man."

Sophia looked at the Doctor, "Quick! Tell me what's happening so I don't forget."

The sounds of shuffling feet greeted the merry band as the once dead began to move towards their position. The only avenues of escape are to the left, right and a gap before them that they could leap across.

They could always go back, but the Blur still surround the temple.