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    It would be a day to remember. Serina had been talking to Harvey about the church's aim. She didn't talk to him often, he was always in the background in the meetings, just giving input when the group seemed deadlocked. Currently, he seemed more concerned about making money than Neposh's glory, although the conversation was reassuring her otherwise.

    The commotion came from upstairs and quickly moved down towards the two of them. Thats when she say the blood. It wasn't the first time the Mouth had been seriously injured, but it was the most deadly. He was unconcious, and Serina could sense the posion flooding through his veins. This would be a close call even with her intervention.

    She had the men carrying the Mouth lay him on a table, and she immediatly began working. The next few moments were a blur. The wound was on the side of the neck, and although he didn't get the full dose of posion, it was enough to do its job. She began focusing her essance to heal the injury, and slowly the blood stopped spilling. That was the easy part, the posion would be a long game of cat and mouse.

    Behind her, she heard Harvey's voice Is he going to make it?

    I think so, but its still going to be a close call. This is what happens when you decide to charge the target instead of seeing what it is first.
    He's always been a bit headstrong. I'll take over his post, and hopefully we wont lose too much ground in his absence.

    Then at least listen to me. These enemies are not a god or army like the Mouth believed them to be, they are knavies. We know how they must be dealt with.
    Harvey got a small grin on his face That gives me a few ideas.

    Message to Hearthfeather Family (Desp 7)

    It does take time for Miracles to work. Do you wish to become a true believer?

    Message to Ram Revolution (Desp 7)

    As you may have heard, there was an assassination attempt on one of our leaders. We ask that you give us military assistance against the secret police in the Orn Totre district.

    Message to Annosus Merchantís Society (Desp 7)

    A robed man aproaches the Merchants society's doors, and wishes to speak with one of the head merchants.

    As I'm sure you've heard, there as been an assassination attempt on one of our leaders. We are currently in the market for large quantity of weapons, and we believe your Society would have the connections to get us these. Are we correct in this thinking?
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