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Ocean Rover

Once under the deck, Tikip sits on a sleeping cot and bids Jib to take the one directly across from it. "Sorry about the deception" the soft voice says delicately. Tikip removes the cloak revealing a young female Elthien with blonde hair dusted with orange, and eyes that shine like fire. What was thought to be a hunchback turns out to be wings akin to that on a dragonfly. She stretches, flapping her wings freely, radiating glitter of all colors. "My name isn'y really Tikip either- it's Jewel. I'm a runaway too, only I didn't come from Monte Mora. I think my mom followed me and sent guards." When he says she had a bad poker face, she blushes and smiles in embarrassment "Was I really that bad?"

Refugee Camp

Randon turns back to the Lloyas for approval on the hunting idea. Assuming that they are still interested, he turns back to the creatum that spoke, and replies "You know your desert best, when is the best time to leave for such an expedition?"
Ella smiles with content, and beckons the two of them find a place more secluded. "Remember, I was never the most capable druid, but I'll teach you what I know." She say on the way. "You should start by simply feeling your connection with the earth, feel the shifting sands on your ankles. Meditate for a bit before you precede."
Ocean Rover

Jib moves over to his cot and puts his pack down toward the head of the cot. He seems to be shocked to see Jewel's wings, and replies, "It was bad, you where the most suspicious character on the docks." He forgot what she said before that for a moment, surprised at her reveal, and then began to speak again as if struck by inspiration. " Your mother sent guards?" He began to wonder who Jewel was, with wings and radiance, and yet a runaway from her mother, who is wealthy enough to have private guards. He asks, confused at her place on the ship, "What are you running away from?"

Refugee camp

A Cretaum elder spoke to Randon "The best time of day to hunt in the desert is at dusk. All the animals have been dying in the heat all day, so when the sun goes down, they leave their rest for water."

The goblin followed Ella and sat down in the sand. She cleared her mind and felt the sand on her feat. she said, "Okay, I'm meditating."