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    Default Re: Lords of Creation: Boundless Wonder, Endless Strife. [IC] [Part II]

    The Ocean Rover

    "I thought I was running for the same reason as you, freedom." she says as she stretches her arms above her head. "Well, they were the city's guards really. My mother just didn't understand that I needed to do this. And I couldn't exactly be going around the city with my wings all out" She feels sad for a moment, thinking back to what her life had been before, but shakes it off and leans in closer to Jib asking "What about you? Surely you have more of a story than what you've told me."

    Refugee Camp

    Randon thinks about the logistics of the hunt for a moment. Back in the razorpine there were always things to hunt, and the best time of day varied based on what you were hunting. Usually, hunting was done in day for best effect. "Why don't we leave just a few hours before dusk then, so we can use our daylight to get off into the desert?" Randon suggested. He then turns to the Lloyas "Do you have anything to hunt with?" he asks. He proudly displays his bolos and spiked club, while turning to the Creatum as if to ask if they could equip his companions.
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