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    The Sausage Guild

    There is a considerable amount of activity around the gates of the Bunkers, and eventually a line of carts leave the Sausage Guild compound. Moving into the southernmost portion of Dovel they stop in a clean well patrolled square halfway between the Bunkers and Silver Way. Hopping down from the carts the guild members begin unloading. At first the residents are horrified at the prospect of the Sausage Guild filling their square with meat, but disgust soon turns to avarice as the Sausage Guild members unload not meat, but gold. Soon a towering stack of gold bars and chests filled with gold coins has been amassed in the center of the square.

    Their work complete the guild members turn the carts back around, and without a word head back to the Bunkers.

    To the Exchange
    As I said before we do not concern ourselves with the material pursuits. We do not chase the cold metal that the rest of the city so adores. For us it is merely a means to an end. And as proof of this we have placed all the gold from your vaults [1 Wealth] in Dovel. Reclaim it if you wish. We are sure that the residents of Dovel would not mind claiming it if you do not.

    And perhaps now that we have proven, both our determination, and our lack of interest in the things you make a business of we can negotiate an agreement.

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