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    The Champions of Sovereignty

    To the Ram Revolution [4]
    "I do not know the Order of Wren, or the Blackfists. I will be wary, but listen to what they have to say. I hope that conflict is not necessary, but if it is I will do my best to stand with the righteous side."

    "Can you tell me for what reason you distrust the Wren's and Blackfist? Also, I will say truthfully that I am concerned by the Church's stance towards non-belivers. They seem intolerant. What makes you sure they have the people's interests at heart?"

    To the Drovers of the Stockyards [4]
    "Greetings. I am King James I, rightful heir to the throne of this city."

    "I understand your organisations do not trust each other, but your conflict is endangering the people of the Stockyards. Without a unified response from all of you, criminal organisations will rise up, and cause havoc in the district. With your permission, I would like to help meditate the problem between your associations, so that order can be restored."
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