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    The Order of the Wren Morale: 5

    To the Blackfist Brotherhood
    We are not anarchists, as you are, we will admit. The goals of the Wren are fairness, equality, and justice. The system of government, and who, the whats, and the whys, are secondary to this. Like you, our supporters are the downtrodden, because the people who have the least benefit the most from equality.

    I do not believe our ideologies match, so to speak. If they did, we would not be two organisations. But, I believe we can benefit from an alliance, of sorts.

    To the Champions of Sovereignty [PM]
    The Wren arrives at the makeshift HQ of the 'King' with half a dozen men, rakish sorts in tattered cloaks. He himself wears an immaculate tailored doublet, decorated with a Wren in gold thread. On his face he wears a grinning mask, like those worn in the plays. "Greetings, Champions" The Wren said, his voice thick with amusement. "I am here to see your King. I apologise for the false face, but my hood would not be appropriate attire for a meeting with royalty, and you are not ready yet to know my face."
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