Ram Revolution

TO: Champions of Sovereignty (D ESP 4)

The church is simply one of those who are helping to rebuild society. While we agree that they can be intolerant, and that this is not a trait wanted in a church, they are a major faction in the city, and will help gain support from their followers across the city, in places where the group of rabble I control could not go. It is, like many alliances in the city, one of necessity rather than want. I doubt they have much love for us either.
As to the distrust, I have been wary of the Wren since he first sprang up in Castaways. The Blackfists I originally didn't trust due to their anarchists agenda (which, as a supporter of a republic, is clearly against our own agenda). The Blackfists have been expanding in our direction, and recently began talking to Wren as well, in a way that makes me fear for the safety of my people.
I noticed that you as well have been speaking to the Wren. They seem reasonable, or at least more so than the anarchists. Perhaps you can convince them that an alliance with anarchists is sure to be against the best interest of anyone interested in a stable society. Otherwise, I fear I may soon be set upon from multiple fronts.