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Aimancy! He shouted, morphing his arms into a pair of hammers. Zombies everywhere! Sophia should probably still remember they were being guided by a Blur, since the Doctor had already told her while Ship was out of sight.
Even as the Doctor shouted his words Sophia drew her sword turning to face the exit to the left, the place where the moaning was loudest. Ship stood behind Sophia and the Doctor, even as the moaning on their right became louder.

"Fair warning? Zombies aren't exactly vulnerable to my powers."

Suddenly a gaunt figure leaps out of the shadows, only to be cut in half by Sophia's glowing blade. A lighter black light leapt from the undead and dissipated into the air.

The figure's lips were gone, only gnarled hands and yellowed adorned the incredibly gaunt form.

"Um, that's not a zombie."

Sophia didn't need to remember the Blur's words to know what the being she just killed was. "Ghoul!"

The Scraping of claws met the party's ears. The once dead had picked up the pace and they would here any moment. Only the path forward was silent, without a single sign of an undead, only the path with a wide gap from the trap Ship nearly set off.

"The hell's a ghoul??"