(6d10)[6][3][10][9][3][8](39) Sense Wyrm roll of Per + Occ
This *might* count as a "perception check" as in "In Hispo, perception difficulties are reduced by 1" but obviously that's up to you -- being a Gift and all

Softpaws smells the air and ground, her mind racing but her instincts keen enough to detect Wyrm presence. She suspects this area is more tainted by the Weaver, but once can never be too sure. The black wolf winces when her packmates begin to howl -- that's when she really looks and takes stock of them.

Eyes wide and jaw dropping, Softpaws sees only Hour Tales standing with her. She had simply taken it on faith that the pack would remain together, but now here they were, divided and in unfamiliar territory. Internal turmoil roils through her mind as she tries to reconcile her situation with her teachings.

All things considered, the young Metis tries to puff up her chest and take charge. "Stop that!" she hisses her packmate, "there could be Banes around. If the others are lost here, they'll be the lost ones we have to track down -- not the other way around." She stumbles over her words and comes up with a jumbled sentence that doesn't make much sense. She tries again.

"S-sorry. What I mean is: we're the trackers. Those Homids barely know h-h-how to use their nose y'know?" A weak approximation of a laugh passes her lips. "C-c'mon, let's hunt 'em down, right? Silly Homids, always getting lost..."

She puts her nose back down to the ground and tries to find anything relevant to discern where she is, where her packmates are, or anything else.

You can do this, Softpaws. You can do this.


I dunno if my 'open-ended rolls' work for you, and if they don't I will be more specific, but here's what I've got:
Perception 5, Int 3
Occult 1, Investigation 4, Survival 3, Primal Urge 1, Streetwise 0
So, I'm not 100% on what you want the roll to be, but I imagine it is Perception+Survival, if you want Per+SW due to the urban setting or Occult becuase its the Umbra, go ahead and knock off the last couple of dice as needed.