The meat on the floor wasn't trying to escape. The monster stalked closer, it's beady eyes locked on its prey. The tail flicks back and forth, slicing through the air, and the claws click hypnotically on the hard concrete floor. Its mouth primes with saliva, drooling hungrily as it closes on its prey.

The beast pauses not three meters from the prone girl as she sights down her gun, staring into the face of a monster bred for the sole purpose of destruction. It tenses, the entirety of the sedan-sized creature bunching up like a spring made of knives and muscles, and then surges forwards with horrific speed, a roiling mass of hunger and death. It opens its mouth to swallow up the morsel on the ground, and instead receives a bullet in the gullet. The creature's head snaps back and it overshoots its prey, tumbling across the ground in a crashing, shredding noise as dorsal spines gouge the floor and claws scrabble for purchase. The monster wobbles unsteadily to its feet, an expression of confusion on its face. It begins lurching forward, hacking and coughing thick, foul-smelling blood onto the concrete, and with an almighty heave, vomits forth a torrent of partially digested meat and stomach juices, the bullet glinting briefly in the dull, bruise-colored lighting before drowning beneath a slowly spreading slick of blood and digestive fluids.

The pain took the creature by surprise. It was, for the most part, an entirely new sensation, one that it decided it did not like. Shaking itself like an obscenely oversized dog, armored plates rattling against each other, it glares balefully at the girl on the floor. The beast lets loose a low, threatening growl, and backs away from her, eyes locked on its intended meal, circling her slowly. It wants to feed more than anything; although it doesn't want to feel the sharp, hot burning again, it's willing to put up with a little discomfort for a square meal. The creature tenses it's muscles for another pounce. This time, it decides, the thought weaving sluggishly through its predator's forebrain, it will kill before attempting to ingest.