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    Open ended rolls are fine when you're not sure what to roll. Often I don't even require rolls. So it's not hurting anything.

    It is worth noting, however, that Hour-Tales is also a Homid. Deep Fang is a Homid. Trashcan is a Lupus. Jack is also a Homid.

    Also worth noting that if you want to step back into the normal world, there are plenty of reflective surfaces on the buildings. (Underneath the spider webs of course.)

    As softpaws sniffs the ground, she does pick up many, many smells. It is disorienting to a point. Each automobile that has passed the area leaves a very faint and yet unique smell of the wyrm. The smell carries over to the umbra. In addition, there are faint smells of humans all over the place. If you spent long enough you could individualize many trails, most likely of those who smell very bad. But that of animals, there are none. No smells of Garou. Stronger smells of the Wyrm, there are those. And of course there is the smell of the weaver. That is the most overpowering smell of this place.

    You are able to distinguish the cardinal directions however. The sun in not visible in the middle of a city in the umbra, so it is quite difficult. But your senses are keen enough to figure it out which way the sun is, and from there you can figure out the rest.
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