Crocell looks surprised as he says, "Really? Well then my dears I would be happy to escort you during my patrol and demonstrate the ancient art of buttkicking. I shall endeavor to do my best to enteratain you."

He gives Kin one last hg be for detaching himself from her. A little more nervously he gives Krtystal a hug too before he salutes them. "See ya tomorrow." With that he heads off towards the Azabu dorms before his curfew.
__________________________________________________ ______________

Tobio speaks into his cellphone as he says, "Hello Mrs.Nimori. Uhm Shougo-san is going to be coming back a little late. We came across a girl being cornered by thugs. We had to stop them. Good thing we did, as it was a rape attempt. We have apprehended the suspects and have called in Anti-Skill to pick them up. We will have to stay for them to take statements. Anti-Skill will be showing up soon, and taking statement should take about 10-15 minutes.

So I called to tell you so that you wouldn't be worried about him. Don't be concerned."

Renbu looked at Shougo concerned as she said, Okay then. Just try not to push yourself too much Nimori-san"