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Crocell looks surprised as he says, "Really? Well then my dears I would be happy to escort you during my patrol and demonstrate the ancient art of buttkicking. I shall endeavor to do my best to enteratain you."

He gives Kin one last hg be for detaching himself from her. A little more nervously he gives Krtystal a hug too before he salutes them. "See ya tomorrow." With that he heads off towards the Azabu dorms before his curfew.[/COLOR]
Kin peered curiously at Crocell as he hugged Krystal. She looked as if she was trying to figure out a problem that was just beyond her grasp. By the time he'd receded into the distance, though, she'd shaken off her momentary puzzlement. Aside from that, she was very satisfied with the way this afternoon had turned out.

"I think we've got a keeper here, my friend. He's fun, fit, active, skilled and extremely snugglable; Not to mention being a genuine fighter of evil. What do you think?"