The smell is definitely coming from behind Mateo, somewhere across the river. The tracks, on the other hand, continue alongside the river. He can't make out how far they go from where he's standing, but they're definitely not going in the direction of the lights.

Hoodoo Forest

The wolf jumps clear of the charging lizard! Just in time, too. As soon as the wolf lands on the far ground, the great iguana hits the pillar of rock. Hard. A resounding, stomach-churning crack fills the air, followed by an agonized bellow. Enraged, the iguana turns in place, spinning around to try to find this unruly invader.

The hit on the pillar has broken off its right tusk. It hangs off the lizard's lower jaw by threads of skin and sinew, scraping against the ground as it moves. Blood splatters from the wound, dripping onto the ground in small puddles.

When the iguana spots the wolf, it lets out another bellow of pain and rage. Jaw open wide it lunges at the wolf to bite down on a flank, an arm, a muzzle - anything.