[Hoodoo Forest]

The sudden spill of sweet sanguine solution served as an unlikely distraction once it's scent reached the wolf's nose. A normal beast would think nothing of this but the undead wolf had likely proven itself to be rather beyond normal at this point. The precious moments that it could have used to dodge were wasted, leaving only a small opportunity for action and that would serve only to mitigate damage.

Yet.. Rather than do that, the hunger and madness that possessed the wolf saw fit to use the lack of a right tusk as reason enough to sacrifice it's own left hind leg to the raging reptile. With noting there to be gored upon, it could now make a strike at the iguana's neck with slavering jaws. And it would not be one bite but a flurry of them as the wolf would try to open up as many wounds as it possibly could. Of course, if this tactic failed, then the lizard would henceforth have a great advantage given that the wolf would be far less mobile, not to mention in pain.