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    Quote Originally Posted by Forbiddenwar View Post
    Saw the recent TB video and become VERY interested in this game. But before plopping down $130 for it (copy for me and my SO) we need to try it out. Is there a demo version or free weekends? Seeing gameplay online won't tell me how well it runs on my laptop, and I definitely wish to play with my SO. We played WOW for 2 months before turning it off over the "Every quest is collect 10 monkey butts" and "WOW, the world is completely empty and dull between quest locations."
    I don't think so.

    And I'm not sure if you need two copies, or can just download it onto two computers with the right password.

    But as for the world, Renown Hearts and Skill Point challenges are sorta like WoW quests. They have a completion bar on the screen telling you how close you are to finishing. But your personal storyline isn't, and dynamic events can be, but are less so (assuming TB means TotalBiscuit, in one of his videos there's an event where he has to help defend a Charr mill from Flame Legion Charr). In addition, you can do WvW right off the bat, where even a couple people without any siege equipment can be worth something (just kill the NPC guards in the camps and claim them for your side I don't recommend trying to take on a fort or castle, though, even with siege equipment). PvP is also doable right off the bat, and while it is repetitive, you can mess around with skills to see which ones you want to buy in PvE/WvW.

    Also, I watched all of TotalBiscuit's videos a couple months ago. The news of a recent one means I'm now going to see if there are any new ones. His GW2 videos are good, you should watch more of them.

    Also, favorite line. "There are no mailboxes, everything is delivered by carrier pigeon. I of course will be mailing the heaviest thing possible in order to completely shatter my immersion."
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