Hoodoo Forest

The iguana clamps down on the wolf's hind leg with a mouthful of long, needle-like teeth and great strength. This is a jaw used to crushing through the shells of desert-dwelling tortoises. It bites down on the wolf, eager to taste its blood.

And then, suddenly, a flash of bright white pain.

The wolf manages to get a good bite on the great iguana, blood pouring forth from the wound. Once the first one sinks in the iguana pulls back, but its alarming speed from earlier seems to have evaporated. The wolf manages to get two more bites in, although the last is largely superficial. With a pained cry, the iguana turns tail and begins to slither away.

The Crag

Mercutio raises his eyebrow as the flames flare up at the mention of the Goddess. How odd, he muses to himself although his wickedly amused smile never falls from his face. A childish display of infuriation over the unfairness of life, or perhaps the simmering rage of an ancient grudge? Either way it was very interesting to Mercutio, and it was not idly how he wondered if and how he could take advantage of this.

"I saw your fire and it made me curious," Mercutio answers truthfully. "What kind of person, I wondered to myself, lights a fire in the middle of grounds where creatures and beings of all sorts hunt each other for gain and sport?" Stroking Vashti's soft feathers, Mercutio nods his head towards the witch and smiles. "I'm glad to say I was not disappointed. However, I can't help but notice that you didn't answer my question, Ms. Casea."