[Hoodoo Forest]

Though the leg would definitely be useless for a while, the wolf still hobbled as best it could once the iguana had turned to run. It had tasted blood and it would have to be quite hard pressed to leave it's quarry alone now. Even if the lizard managed to outrun the beast, it could easily follow the trail left behind until it caught up. If it was a case of endurance, then the wolf was definitely at an advantage being one of the tireless dead.

Once the wolf was close enough, it would lunge as best it could at the iguana's neck again, attempting to sink its teeth in deep and just rip out whatever flesh it could. Hunger would not allow it time to make a quick or painless kill. It just wanted to drink the lifeblood that was spilling across the sands and it was hell bent on it's feast or die trying. At least, for a given value of death, of course.