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    Take me. I'm faster

    Good and evil, law and chaos are more than philosophical principles. They are the building blocks of the universe. They have power. Sometimes they empower champions. And often they provide those champions with mounts. No one knows exactly why this is. Perhaps a god did it.

    The ties between alignment and mounts can be accessed from the other side. There is great power to enhance you -- if you are willing to make the sacrifice. If you are willing to serve as a mount.

    The art of becoming a Holy Mount was first discovered by silver dragons. From there, it spread to other dragons, coatls, unicorns, hound archons, and even griffons. Usually, a prospective Holy Mount adventures with a possible rider for a time first as an ordinary companion, sometimes taking levels in unrelated classes, before proposing a closer partnership. It is a great act of trust to welcome another adventurer onto one's back. Once the partnership is made, connecting to the spiritual planes is a small matter in comparison.

    Alignment: Any non-neutral. Must make a serious effort to follow your alignment.
    Skills: Knowledge(religion): 8 ranks, Knowledge(the planes): 8 ranks
    Special: Must bear a great champion of your alignment into battle

    Note: while all alignments produce the same set of powers, evil and chaotic neutral Holy Mounts are very rare.

    Class Skills
    The Class Name's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are: Balance(dex), Be Ridden(dex), Climb(str), Concentration(con), Jump(str), Knowledge(the planes), Knowledge(religion), Knowledge(self), Listen(wis), Search(int), Spellcraft(int), Spot(wis), Swim(str)
    Skills Points at Each Level: 6 + int

    Be Ridden: This skill may be used two ways. When anyone riding you makes a ride check, you may add your Be Ridden modifier to it. Or, if the person riding you is unable to make ride checks, you may substitute a be ridden check at a -5 penalty.

    Knowledge(self): This is whichever knowledge skill applies to your creature type. For example, if you are a dragon, you have Knowledge(arcana) as a class skill.

    Hit Dice: d10

    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Spellcasting
    1st 1 2 2 2 Empathic Link, Share Enhancements (Receive)
    2nd 2 3 3 3 Improved Evasion +1 Racial
    3rd 3 3 3 3 Share Perception +1 Racial
    4th 4 4 4 4 Speed +10, Travel Domain
    5th 5 4 4 4 Ki Strike +1 Racial
    6th 6 5 5 5 Movement Mode +1 Racial
    7th 7 5 5 5 Speed +20, Protection Domain
    8th 8 6 6 6 Spell Resistance +1 Racial
    9th 9 6 6 6 Protection From Evil/Chaos/Good/Law +1 Racial
    10th 10 7 7 7 Speed +30, Alignment Domains, Share Enhancements (Grant)

    Weapon Proficiencies: None

    Your Rider: Many class abilities refer to your rider. Your rider must be a champion of your alignment and you must routinely carry him into battle. You may carry other people if you wish, but they are not your rider for class-feature purposes.

    Ex-Mounts: If you part company from your rider or your rider ceases to champion your alignment, you lose all rider-related class features and cannot progress as a Holy Mount until you bond with another rider. Bonding is a one hour ritual.

    If you yourself act dramatically against your alignment or cease to expend energy on it, you lose all supernatural class features (not counting spellcasting) and cannot advance until you mend your ways and receive an atonement spell.

    Spellcasting: This class advances your racial spellcasting as shown in the table, even if you are too young to have any yet. If your species never develops spellcasting, gain spellcasting as a sorcerer except from the cleric list.

    Empathic Link(su): You and your rider always know each-other's emotional state and general wellbeing.

    Share Enhancements (Receive)(su): When your rider casts a spell or power on himself or initiates a boost maneuver, you also receive the benefit if you wish. This includes spells which normally could not effect you.

    Improved Evasion(ex): As Rogue

    Share Perception(su): You and your rider may add half of each-other's modifiers to spot and listen checks.

    Speed (su): You gain a sacred bonus to all movement speeds

    Travel Domain(su): Add all spells from the travel domain of level you can cast to your spells known. As you increase the level of spells you can cast, add the corresponding spells from the travel domain, even if you gain these spells by leveling in some other class. These do not count against your spells known.

    Ki Strike(su): Your natural weapons, including breath weapons, count as magical and of your alignment for overcoming damage reduction

    Movement Mode(ex): Gain a swim, burrow or climb speed equal to half your walking speed.

    Protection Domain(su): Like Travel Domain, but Protection.

    Spell Resistance(su): You gain spell resistance equal to your rider's level plus 5.

    Protection From Evil/Chaos/Good/Law(su): You are permanently under the effect of a Protection from opposite alignment spell or spells. Note that the bonuses from these spells do not stack, even if you are attacked by a creature that opposes you in both dimensions.

    Alignment Domains(su): Like Travel Domain, but the domain(s) of your alignment(s)

    Share Enhancements (Grant)(su): When you cast a spell or power on yourself or initiate a boost maneuver, your rider also gains the benefit if he wishes.

    The key to being a successful Holy Mount is your relationship with your rider. If you don't share the same general approach, you're going to have an awkward time. Also, you should build your tactics around combined action.

    It is somewhat common for either a mount or rider to take the leadership feat and the other to be a cohort. Which is the leader is split about evenly each way. Partnerships of equals are more common, though.

    Then the great hero flew in from the north, on the back of a great gold dragon. He slew the invading orcs with sword and flame, until the remainder turned and ran. The dragon's name? I have no idea.

    Holy Mounts are often seen as a mere extension of their riders. Some use this to their advantages, eavesdropping on or ambushing those who forgot they could act independently. Other times, it can be aggravating to be omitted from important conferences. A certain degree of patience with this is a requirement.

    Daily Life: Holy Mounts tend to stick by their riders at all times. And since both mounts and riders are strongly driven by their causes, they know little rest.
    Organizations: There is no organization of Holy Mounts, though occasionally an experienced one will mentor a younger creature who is considering becoming one. Still, any large organization of alignment champions is likely to have more than a few Holy Mounts at its meetings.
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