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    The Crag

    Mercutio raises his eyebrow as the flames flare up at the mention of the Goddess. How odd, he muses to himself although his wickedly amused smile never falls from his face. A childish display of infuriation over the unfairness of life, or perhaps the simmering rage of an ancient grudge? Either way it was very interesting to Mercutio, and it was not idly how he wondered if and how he could take advantage of this.

    "I saw your fire and it made me curious," Mercutio answers truthfully. "What kind of person, I wondered to myself, lights a fire in the middle of grounds where creatures and beings of all sorts hunt each other for gain and sport?" Stroking Vashti's soft feathers, Mercutio nods his head towards the witch and smiles. "I'm glad to say I was not disappointed. However, I can't help but notice that you didn't answer my question, Ms. Casea."
    The Witch and the Huntress have no enmity between them - the young goddess is relatively new to this Nexus, after all. But the Witch has never liked gods, and she has never liked liars. This place is hers. No other's.

    "A person who lacks fear," Caesa states. She leans forward and flips her legs, sitting cross-legged. Her finger traces lines in the ashen sand by the fire. "Of course, a fool can lack fear just as anyone else."

    At the repeat of the question, she shrugs. She'd thought it obvious. There is the barest edge of sorrow in her voice, as she continues without waiting for answer, "This is my home. My prison, of sorts. My life is bound in these bones, in the rock and the wind." She takes a handful of ash and watches most of it pour from between her fingers. The aforementioned mountain wind takes some as it passes, chilling all present despite Caesa's roaring fire. Of course, Mercutio might be more resilient. "I am confined here, but not just here. I am tied to places like this."
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