Sean Loveless spoke up, his words directed at Al. "Oh, see little flower? Even the Caitiff knows how much prestige you'll lose in this trial. Oh, don't clench your jaw, Al. We'll understand if you change your mind."

Al did not dignify it with a response.

Rogan waved away the banter and began. "Jean, I'm disappointed that you're actually taking this trial seriously. What more reason do we need than the Third Tradition? If that isn't enough to satisfy you, consider how her sire turned out? Consider how every Caitiff turns out? Rumors of Desmund's eccentricies have already surfaced."

He pointed an accusing fingers at the bodies in the back. "You did not hesitate to end the lives of those kine who were closer to her sire to protect the masquerade, what makes her different?"

He turned, finally looking at Danielle. She said his yellow, cat-like eyes. "Even if she would follow the Traditions, even if she would try to serve us, she is weak. She is of 14th generation, she is Caitiff, and the hunter has caught onto her scent, putting any of us and our possessions near her in danger. Jean, she is not strong enough to be one of us by her blood. Even a lamb with a strong will, is still just a lamb."