Hoodoo Forest

It takes a few long minutes for the wolf to catch up to the iguana. The giant lizard has the advantage of speed, even if its neck wound is slowing it down immensely. It's still much faster than a limping undead wolf. So while it quickly gets ahead of the wolf, it's not hard to follow by the trail of blood it leaves behind.

When the wolf finds the iguana again, it has collapsed. It lays on the ground, twitching feebly in a growing puddle of its own blood.

The Crag

While that's all very interesting, Mercutio has at the moment no reason to doubt his theory of animosity between the witch and the Goddess. He'll continue along with this theory until he finds new evidence which challenges it.

"There's no such thing as a person who lacks fear," Mercutio counters, enjoying himself very much. "There are only those who are so arrogant to claim they have no fear. Some of them even fool themselves into believing this claim. But when the gates of Hell open to them, they learn the truth."

He lets the words hang in the air, looking into the fire for a few moments with a dark smile on his lips. Suddenly, before the witch can reply, he looks up at her and tilts his head ever so slightly. "What places?"