[Hoodoo Forest]

If the mammal had the facial muscles to smile, it's face would be pulled into a wicked grin as it stepped over the dying iguana. Instead, it simply settled with it's white fangs bared as it's jaw hung open just a bit, salivation dripping from it's incisors. Though a part of it's brain was being rather paranoid in suggesting that there might still be more, the rest of it was focused on it's perceived victory. And what better way to celebrate than by taking part of this bounty before it?

Unless something wanted to interrupt it, the beast would promptly begin ripping into the meat of the reptile, tearing out muscle and devouring it without a care as it sought out blood to sate it's maddening hunger. It wouldn't be particularly satisfying as it would be if it were a sapient being but gruel to an empty stomach was just as welcome as a steak. If left uninterrupted, then the beast would have reclaimed enough of it's faculties for a long minute of deep concentration. She would be quite vulnerable at this time but she could really care less given her current state of mind. If given the chance, the form of the wolf would be shed in favor of a wiry woman with a bald head. Perhaps unremarkably, her eyes changed little from one shape to the next as their dark amber color still reflected unsated hunger. Completely uncaring that she would be getting blood all over what looked like rather dirty urban combat fatigues, the fledgeling would then return to draining the iguana of all the blood she could get while mentally marking down that she was absolutely terrible at this whole shape-shifter thing.