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    The Duelist

    {table=head]Level|BAB|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|special|Bonus Damage
    1st|1|2|2|0|Dodge, Weapon Finesse|1d4
    2nd|2|3|3|0|Mobility, Improved Unarmed Strike|1d6
    3rd|3|3|3|1|Improved reaction +1, Deft Strike|1d8
    5th|5|4|4|1|Acrobatics: 10|3d6
    6th|6|5|5|2|Mind Battle|4d6
    7th|7|5|5|2|Canny defense|5d6
    8th|8|6|6|2|Improved reaction +2, Parry Riposte|6d6
    9th|9|6|6|3|Enhanced mobility, Speed of the Wind|7d6
    10th|10|7|7|3|Grace, Acrobatics 20|8d6
    11th|11|7|7|3|Acrobatic charge|9d6
    12th|12|8|8|4|Manticore Parry|10d6
    13th|13|8|8|4|Improved reaction +4|11d6
    14th|14|9|9|4|Deflect Arrows|6d12
    15th|15|9|9|5|Acrobatics: 30|7d12
    16th|16|10|10|5|Speed of the Hurricane, Repeated Parry|9d12
    17th|17|10|10|5|Leap of Death|11d12
    18th|18|11|11|6|Improved reaction +8|100
    19th|19|11|11|6|Speed of the Tornado|150
    20th|20|12|12|6|Acrobatics: 40|200[/table]

    Hit die: d10
    Class skills: Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Perform (Cha), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), and Tumble (Dex).
    Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

    Bonus Damage(ex): Once per round, when you hit an enemy with a finnessable piercing weapon, you may add this as precision damage. You must decide to use this ability before making the attack roll.

    Dodge, Weapon Finesse, Mobility, Improved Unarmed Strike(ex): Gain these bonus feats. If you already have any of them, gain any other for which you qualify.

    Improved reaction(ex): Gain this bonus on initiative

    Deft Strike(ex): Add dex to damage when using weapon finesse

    Parry(ex): Once per round, as an immediate action, you can parry an incoming blow. Roll an attack against whomever is attacking you. If yours is higher, their attack misses. If you lose your dex bonus to AC, you lose this as well.

    Acrobatics(ex): As a swift action, you may jump or tumble up to this distance.

    Mind Battle(ex): You use your successes to demoralize your enemy. For every failed attack in a row he has made against you, he takes a stacking -2 penalty on successive attacks. You can only apply this ability to one enemy at a time.

    Canny defense(ex): Int to AC

    Parry Riposte(ex): When you successfully parry a blow, you may simultaneously attack with a secondary weapon or unarmed strike.

    Enhanced mobility(ex): +4 to AC against AoOs

    Speed of the Wind(ex): An additional attack at your highest bonus in a full attack.

    Grace(ex): +2 to all saves

    Acrobatic charge(ex): Jump and Tumble in the middle of a charge

    Manticore Parry(ex): When you successfully parry a blow by a margin of 5 or more, you may redirect it at its sender. Roll a second attack against his AC. If successful, he takes the damage he would have inflicted on you.

    Deflect Arrows(ex): Gain the benefit of the Deflect Arrows feat when using a light or one-handed piercing weapon.

    Speed of the Hurricane(ex): A second additional attack at your highest bonus in a full attack.

    Repeated Parry(ex): You may parry a number of times per round equal to your dex modifier. All must be from the same attacker.

    Leap of Death(ex): Jump over your enemy (jump DC = his AC) and attack. If you succeed at both, he must make a fort save (dc 19+your str) or die.

    Speed of the Tornado(ex): Make two full attacks as a single full-round action

    Author's Note
    I tried to keep the powers a little behind a warblade or crusader, to make up for no need to refresh. Hopefully the bits I took straight from ToB don't stand out too badly.
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