The Dawn of Worlds thread is revitalizing this one, so I hope that forgives any necromancy.

Some questions and comments, FWTW:

Minor attribute: "naturally psionic" -- what does this mean? It could be 1 pp (like Dromites), 2 pp (like Elans), or 1 pp/level (like Kalashtar(sp?)). Since pp basically equate to SLAs, which have entries in all three categories, perhaps this should be broken down the same way. Since an at-will level 1 SLA is a major ability, I would propose 2 pp is a minor attribute and 1 pp/level is a moderate attribute.

Incarnum also seems to be omitted. As the difference between Azurins and Humans seems to equate 1 essentia with +1 skill point/level, I would propose that a natural 1 essentia is a moderate attribute.

. . . and I like it very much. At a minimum, it's a good tool box. I expect to make some use of it.