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    The fat man confirmed what Trent had indicated earlier and what she suspected due to the tone that was set, Al was putting herself at some sort of difficult for her at any rate ... or if not precisely for her then for a plan involving her which she had the decency to indicate in the van earlier.

    When Rogan indicated the bodies Danielle turned to look at them, 'were closer to her sire', were they Billy's family, friends, school mates, she tried to remember if she had seen them before ... what made her different was likely that she had been turned into a blood drinking monster and so fell within a greyer area involving the sixth tradition.

    She turned to look at him as he turned to address her, this time holding the gaze of the yellow cat eyes, and as he moved to sit she spoke up. "I would actually agree with you in part, your third tradition seems fairly clear cut, and makes a degree of logic sense - though I would wonder about my sire's other potential childer, of which I understand there were some this week", she left unsaid that she believed they were dead - largely because if they were then it seemed unlikely that Billy would have survived to get to her and hell might as well make them confirm for themselves, she did feel bad about telling these creatures about them, but they were too dangerous to other people of they were out there both directly and indirectly.

    Continuing, "I would however like to confirm your logic on the hunter, you indicate that I am a weak lamb and that a strong predator is after me, your solution is to kill the lamb and hope the predator goes away?" pausing briefly "Surely a more logical solution would be to bait the predator with it's prey to ensure the safety of the rest of the flock", shrugging, credit where it was due even when it was somewhat an obvious idea "which I understand to be part of your sheriff's intentions", continuing on reflex her composed fašade cracking slightly allowing the cold anger through, "further on this strength of the blood, you indicate that I am weak and would not be able to stand up to the hunter - which is true - yet however it was achieved I did survive his first attacks on me, I would be curious as to what strength the recent additions to your society have that I lack which would have allowed them to fare better", considering what she had said, probably should have held my tongue on that last part, but he should be prepared to answer it.

    The room seemed to be waiting for Al to speak, but really what could she say, her plan was logical for the protection of the society, and if Danielle could see that and the others couldn't then repeating it would not change things, similarly the third tradition seemed clear enough that this would be open and closed ... considering the situation with pure bad mindedness with a likely probation period to allow Al to enact her plan followed by - if I survive - a summary execution on which ever grounds suited the prince and primogen, that way everyone was a winner - except me.
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