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    Al put a hand on Danielle's shoulder. "No Danielle, you were the oly childer he made. The others he simply kill outright."

    It was not Rogan, but the Hayden Cross, primogen of Clan Brujah who spoke. "You did not survive by your strength girl. You died because Al decided your life was more valuable than Brett's." Her fist slammed against the table, sending a large crack into the table. "You're alive because he threw himself at that monster under his lover's orders, so don't you dare talk about strength girl."

    Al kept her calm, her grip tightening on Danielle. "You know my plan, Jean. From what we saw, he's learned some new tricks. He likely isn't even human any more, to call him kine would be a diservice to Brett. Her death is miniscule compared to Jackal the Ninebladed."

    Jean nodded his head in agreement to the last statement.

    The boy-Primogen spoke next. His voice was a child's but it held a greater weight than any, taking away any illusion that he was young. "The problem is Ms. Rowe, is that you are assuming your plan will succeed. Mr. Davenfeldt was a Brujah of eighty years, and a talented one at that. Ten years ago we sent the police after him, and we ended up with a lot of dead policemen. Even that wretched Irishman refused to deal with the problem."

    "Do you have a better plan, Primogen? You are quick to criticize, but do you have any insights to offer?"

    "Well, the alternative has already been discussed. Simply kill the Caitiff here and now. She's the best connection he has to the city. He is powerful, but he lacks connections and resources. We tighten the masquerade and put a short leash on the fledglings. We misdirect him towards Seattle or Portland, and let them deal with him."
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