Danielle glared at the woman briefly she had not indicated that she could stand up to the hunter merely that she had not died instantly and that she doubted the fledglings as they called them could have done better with there thicker blood, what ever that really meant.

She forced herself to remain calm about it, the creature was apparently suffering from grief and there was no call to rub it in, she looked away.

She was somewhat reassured by Al's presence, the woman might be willing to kill her the instant the prince gave the word, and might have killed the others in the room as part of her duties looking for Billy but at the least she was somewhat honest about things and calm in her dealings.

She listened to the boy as he spoke, there was a certain cold logic there also that she had not considered, but it was the logic of hoping things would work out while ignoring the possibility they wouldn't, with no back up plan.

This time through it was an effort of will not to speak on her own behalf, she managed to hold herself silent.