Amy follows the proceedings with attention, occasionally glancing to the side at Mike and Slick to see how they're taking it. How her clan members react to the trial is an insight she feels she may need. At least she knows where the dead bodies are coming from, and while it doesn't make it alright by any stretch of the imagination, at least they haven't been killed for sport. Though, wouldn't six disappearances be tougher to explain than just the one? Maybe they’ve heard or seen things that they shouldn’t have. Amy has to control a shiver.

This is a load of bull. she studies the primogen's faces and their responses to the trial. She is particularly incensed by Rogan’s attitude Weak, right. Let’s kill you, then turn your entire worldview upside down, then put you in a strange place, alone, among people who want you dead, and see if you react half as well as she is, shall we? I volunteer. she thinks, scathingly.

“Hunters. There are hunters, too?” she whispers to Mike, surprised. “Like, the van Helsing kind of hunters? Stakes, garlic and all that jazz?” She doesn’t know if she should be worried, or laugh. Oh, let’s misdirect him towards Seattle, then it won’t be our problem anymore, really. Kindreds aren’t so different from human beings, after all “Are we allowed to say something?” Because she has something to say, make no mistake about it. If she’s holding her tongue is just because she’s afraid of putting Mike into troubles.