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    Good move.

    "Cowardice is a double-edged sword Tremere. Complacency prevents risk, but it also takes success away as well."

    The boy-elder did not seem insulted. Apparently to him being called a coward was not a big deal. "A well thought out argument. No wonder Sean fears you taking his place."

    Seans smile faded, and he adjusted himself. "No doubt this is a political move of our little angel. I wonder if she's willing to take full responsibility for this. What will she do if it fails?"

    "That is for the Prince to decide." Al met Sean's stare. The fledgelings watching could see something frieghtening in Sean's eyes.

    "Yes, it is." Jean's words wrung clear in the room. "Al, as always you are wise, as always you are willing to put yourself on the line, which is commendable in equal measure to foolish. However, all you speak about is the hunter. Why should I be the Prince who allowed the 14th generation Clanless girl embraced without permission to live? Come now Al, don't expect me to make this decision on good faith alone, I gave up my good faith during the French Revolution."

    At this Al did not have an immediate answer. Her brow furrowed, and she was lost in thought.

    Sean gave a friendly wink to Danielle as if he knew something. For some reason, it did not come across as patronizing or conniving, but as a good to honest friendly wink.


    Slick and Miek seemed to be curious about the affair more than anything. Mike showed some concern, but she wasn't sure what or who he was concerned about. Slick's face was too ugly to read, even as he has his human face on. Flat Face kept his eyes closed in thought, rocking his chair back and forth. He looked calm.

    Mike answered her. "Yeah, there are hunters. Usually they kill the stupid kindred, and move on. Occasionally they get lucky and bag an elder, but not often. Most of them are crazy. Makes sense when they fight boogey man and no one believes them. That Jackal guys somethign else though. They say he's got powers like us, that he's no kindred, but he ain't human either. There's a lot of monsters out there Amy. Wizards, goblins, werewolves, things we don't even know about."

    When she asked about involvement he shook his head. "Don't. This is an elders' game. The trial has nothing to do with the girl, it's all about who the Prince wants to make happy, and who he wants to piss off. Most of the Primogen up there don't care either, it's all leverage to use." He shrugged his shoulders. "Chances are anything you say would hurt her."

    "Especially if what you say is true. The old ones don't like being corrected." It was Flat Face this time. "Everything's already been decided anyways."
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