I was combing the internet for random generation tables for fantasy stuff, and I came across a Random Noble House generator at The Welsh Piper. All you need is a d6, d10, and d12 to come up with all the juice you could hope for on short notice. I just used the tables to generate all of the noble houses for the city of Span, and I'm really pleased. Here's an example of the stuff I came up with (bear in mind, I haven't filled in any of the flavor yet):

House 1
Cautious middle-aged patriarch
Influence: Nil (1)
Appreciable Holdings (294 sq. mi.--14 hexes)
9 powerful relatives
Recently captured by outlaws
Current ambition is to clear a stain on the family name.
Currently under the enchantment of a sorcerer.

If you're looking to come up with some cool stuff for noble houses, but don't have the time or energy to think up everything on your own, I'd definitely recommend giving this a look-see.