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Thread: [3.5] Generic Race 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stegyre View Post
    The Dawn of Worlds thread is revitalizing this one, so I hope that forgives any necromancy.
    I've certainly been updating a few things based upon how Amakule is doing it, so I'd say it still counts as a work in progress .

    Quote Originally Posted by Stegyre View Post
    Minor attribute: "naturally psionic" -- what does this mean? It could be 1 pp (like Dromites), 2 pp (like Elans), or 1 pp/level (like Kalashtar(sp?)). Since pp basically equate to SLAs, which have entries in all three categories, perhaps this should be broken down the same way. Since an at-will level 1 SLA is a major ability, I would propose 2 pp is a minor attribute and 1 pp/level is a moderate attribute.
    I wasn't aware that there was a race which gave 1 pp/level. I had been basically using it as 1 or 2, depending on whim. I think I'll go with your suggestion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stegyre View Post
    Incarnum also seems to be omitted. As the difference between Azurins and Humans seems to equate 1 essentia with +1 skill point/level, I would propose that a natural 1 essentia is a moderate attribute.
    I know next to nothing about incarnum so I'll trust you on that one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stegyre View Post
    . . . and I like it very much. At a minimum, it's a good tool box. I expect to make some use of it.
    Thank ya. I've added a whole lot more races based on regular 3.5 races in the generic class thread, if you're interested in checking 'em out.

    Edit: Statted out the kalashtar, they seem to fit perfectly.

    Minors x3 (giving up your Moderate): remove -2 stat penalty, +2 Intimidate, mindlink 1/day
    Moderates x2 (giving up your Major): Naturally Psionic (1/level), +2 to Bluff and Diplomacy
    Remove +2 stat bonus to get an extra Minor: +2 to a specific use of a skill (Disguise as human) and doesn't dream. Each of these seems like half a minor to me.

    And that is the actual kalashtar race, as written.