So he wants a reason to let me live that is not based on faith and good will, ha that was rich, she also was not sure what the fat man, Sean was it wanted he seemed to be almost pleasant for a second their ... she doubted that thought.

At the man's question about it being a waste of time, she almost yelled at him that it that was obvious from the beginning, but she stopped herself and took a second to calm herself, calling him on it would not help her and may harm him for no reason other then her spite at the situation he was not the cause of, as such she did what she normally did when someone who loved there own voice spoke words that said nothing ... she ignored the outburst.

Turning to the prince as of nothing had happened since he made his mind clear, "Sir, please correct me if I am wrong, but what you are looking for cannot be given. You are seeking a provable reason to spare me that benefits your society more then any of my potential actions could harm it, however at a relative outsiders viewpoint I can provide you with none of that", thinking for a second "if a member of a clan commits a crime the crime falls on the sire, and the sire's sire going back as far as possible, and through them it passes to all the childer to encompass the entire clan ... that is if I have understood the vow made earlier correctly, as such when a member of a clan commits a crime the entire clan is responsible, and so regardless of the crime or the perpetrator your society can have its price from the clan in exchange for peace. With me - or any clanless vampire - that would not be the case, if I commit a crime it is on me and if I cannot pay the balance then you as a society lose out" she shrugged, which meant they could not allow her to live.

Considering carefully "Given this I feel that arguing my potential benefit is somewhat fruitless, for example I could tell you that I am involved in missing person groups and could use this provide a safe means of securing closure for people that have lost relatives so that they do not search for their loved ones and thereby prevent breaches of this masquerade, and to be clear I would do this not for you or even for myself but because they should have closure and this would be the safest method of providing it for them", pausing briefly and indicating the bodies, "and I would advise you that sooner or later people will notice they are missing even if it is only the tax man", continuing "but then I could also tell you I speak 5 languages, can play the piano and know how to kick with accuracy and speed higher then my head", in a somewhat dull tone "but I would assume that none of that impresses you in the slightest, so your only call is as follows as I see it", taking a breath that was again not needed "Kill me and avoid the most obvious risks that I am not trustworthy, or let me live and hope that my benefits outweighs my negatives" her face expressionless "and I somehow doubt that you have lived so long by taking unnecessary risks".

There she had said it, it was a cold logic but if it made it easier for him then well at least she had given him cause to ensure polite closure for the victims families - and her own mother - she couldn't expect to get better then that tonight, she had sold her death as steeply as she really felt she could.