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    Mike said nothing, nor did Slick. Flat Face chuckled quietly. “Oh, and are you saying that humans politics are any better.” It was more of a statement than a question.

    Faruq’s words changed a lot. Now almost every kindred looked over to Faruq in disbelief, or anger. The fashionable clique in the middle were grinning like fools, anticipating what was to come. Danielle spoke her words, but they were lost on the Prince who was focusing on Faruq now. The Prince looked over curiously. Though it was Josef who stood up first, red in the face. “Damn you, you insolent, stupid little man! I will-“ His voice was cut immediately as Jean lifted his hand up.

    Jean du Noir gave Faruq an appraising look. “Faruq, is it? We had a name for your kind back in Paris. We called them ‘le pitre’, which translates into clowns. Please, look around you, and find a single kindred in this room who is impressed by you, find even one of the servant ghouls who thinks you impressive. No? You cannot find any? I will inform you, and the other fledgling just this once, so you may understand.

    “A waste of time you say? You see nothing. Your eyes are too busy staring at an underage girl’s ass to pay attention to what matters, not understanding that we are settling several delicate matters that otherwise would have been resolved with bloodshed. You think my jest at Josef was to your benefit? You hear nothing. You are too busy convincing yourself of baseless superiority derived from a Western culture that teaches everyone they’re special to understand I labeled you a fool. As a human you were nothing but a petty crook, no? If you were presented in front of the most ill-reputed criminals in the city would you speak to them this way? I wonder because we own most of them.

    “Flat Face, remove his tongue, he’s lost the privilege to use it in my presence. Josef, any kindred of your Clan has my consent to give him final death if you choose. I will not stand for a fledgling dancing around my city like a monkey causing problems.” Not at one point did Jean lose his temper. His voice was more akin to one giving a casual debate.

    Flat Face stood up, cracking his knuckles, and pulling out a large hunting knife. As he did, Quenton turned to Trent. “Wait, why does Flat Face get his knife?” Trent shrugged.

    “Now then Al, I had a question for you.”

    As Flat Face closed in on Faruq, Al responded. "As you no doubt heard her, she holds a solid grasp of the situation. She's also smarter than at least one of the properly embraced kindred. Also, the book is yours."

    Jean smiled. "Well then, it looks like we have a deal then. Only a few loose ends to tie up then. Danielle, if you would say your name, your full name, and kiss my hand, and swear upon the six traditions you will be accepted into my city, under the condition that your life is dependant upon the death of the hunter, Jackal the Ninebladed."
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