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    Vesa Landers - Revenant in the Making, Pt. 1
    The customer came in, feeling the woman's eyes on him. Could she tell he'd lied about being 18? Maybe the woman at the front had been able to tell and that's why she sent him to this creepy girl, all pale and stoic... but, y'know, she was good-looking.
    "S-so, uh..." He tried to think of something to say, then stopped as she immediately began slipping out of her clothes to lay on the bed.

    "Are you ready, or will you need help?" She blinked at him; was she making fun of him? He wasn't sure, but fumbled at his jeans and answered.

    "I-I'm fine... uh..." She just sort of lay there and she'd opened the foil packed for him already, so...
    Alia. Jenna. Chloe.
    She remembered the last time she saw them... she thought so, at least.
    The last time she remembered seeing them was at the base... but how she got here...
    Not sure.
    Not sure at all.
    And when came down to it, she missed them. They were nothing if not all she'd had.
    They'd been annoying and hard to deal with, but they always had her back and she always had theirs. They weren't family, but they were about as close as anything would ever get.
    But for the past 2 weeks, she had been here, in this city of hell-knows-where, maybe not even on Earth.
    All she knew was that she needed to not starve, and that working in this brothel helped that happen. It wasn't the best work, but she didn't have to actually do all that much...
    The girl wasn't saying anything, so the customer decided it'd be better to get dressed and leave. He was done.

    As the scruffy teen made his exit, the pale girl sat up, pulled out a sketchbook and pencil, and started to draw.

    Decided to start a thing to show how Vesa got to where she is now.
    There's out-of-Nexus backstory that I'll have to get into, and I'll have to work certain elements out with Murkus, but for a start (written distractedly in a hotel) this'll do.
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