Oh, God is Amy's first thought when she hears the order being given. A little part of her brain goes Stay down and shut up, for God's sake, otherwise they'll kill you too, but the largest part, beside being horrified, is counteracting with You know the guy. He bought s pack of chips and talked about the weather. He is a human being and alright, he's probably an idiot, but are you really going to let this happen without saying anything? Because if so, it would have been much better if you had stayed dead an hour ago. Because I sure as hell don't know who you are anymore.

That seems like quite a long debate, but in reality, in the mind, it doesn't take much time. Less than a second later, Amy has jumped on her feet and is saying, hoping desperatly that it would work "Your majesty!" which probably isn't the proper way to address the prince, but screw that. "Would you accept a plea for him?" The first part of the sentence is spoken urgently; the second, as humbly as Amy can manage.

Amy is operating on the assumption that they're going to kill Faruq. Which may not necessarily be true, but she has no way of knowing.