Rick is bothered, but not surprised by the prince's decision. Faruq had brought this on himself. There was a tradition behind these meetings that none of them could even begin to comprehend yet. All the same, he had been standing up for Danielle, so the detective gives him credit for that. Cutting his tongue out was extreme, but maybe it would finally impress upon him the need to tone it down a little. He'd not be long for this world otherwise.

Then Amy is on her feet, and he groans loudly, shooting her a look that questions her sanity. His companions may not be happy until all of them have their tongues cut out. Not him though. He's going to keep quiet, at least until he actually has the power to change things.

Until then though, you're sitting back and letting innocent people die. People that are trying to do the right thing. For God's sake, you left the department because of its corruption and moral bankruptness. You're going to sit here and let this injustice occur?

Yes. Rick answers. Speaking now accomplishes nothing, except getting myself killed. If I've learned nothing else, it's to pick my battles better.

He remains seated and watches the confrontation, even as his brain calls him a coward and a hypocrite. Maybe he was. But if it kept him alive and in good standing, maybe it was worth being one. Especially after Faruq goes on his rampage. Now he mainly feels concerned for Amy, and what speaking up for such a fool would do to her reputation.

Nothing personal Worlok. I greatly enjoy Faruq. Rick may take a bit of time to warm up to him, though.