Oh no worries, though that is a long speech considering Flat Face is closing in on you. We'll let it play out though.

As Jean had his hand outstretched for Danielle to kiss, he seemed to be paying Faruq less and less attention. "No Amy, I will not hear any pleas for the idiot. He can grow his tongue back, though he shouldn't be in too much of a hurry to do so."

Flat Face caught a hold of Faruq, and went to work. Faruq could kick, and punch all he wanted, but never had he met someone so strong as Flat Face who picked him up like a ragdoll. Jean continued. "And yes Faruq, you clearly don't understand the way things work, however rather than listen and learn like your peers you chose to run your mouth off and pretend you did." Metal cut into flesh. Somehow Faruq could still hear Jean through the pain. "Understand the reason this is happening is not because of your insults, or your threats, but because you are being distracting. We have important matters to discuss tonight, and you are wasting our time. As soon as you cease your babbling, your existence will grow easier."

Rogan leaned over to Josef. "Weinmann was a Jew?"

Josef, who's mood had seemingly improved shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not sure where that delusion came from. He was a Taoist."

One of the fashionable clique took a picture of Flat Face and Faruq, the Nosferatu smiling for the picture.