As Faruq's tirade continued, Claire's fist slammed on her table before she could stop herself. She did however manage to remain in her seat. The last thing Danielle or anyone needed was some idiot poser thinking he was going to save the day.

Claire made polite apologies to anyone that happened to have noticed, though in the general murmur she hoped none had.

Still wading through Faruq accents and meaningless gyrating there were fascinating details. Just who was Faruq and how had someone like him not had his teeth knock in. And did he just say his uncle had killed the previous Prince? There was a puzzle there and Claire wanted to know the answer. Still she had to shelve that for later consideration. And because she didn't want to think about a man getting his tongue cut out more then she had too. Like the Prince had just said, he could grow it back. That made sense, the human body was not indestructible, if at vampire was not alive some 'magic' for lack of a better word must ensure a static state. Interesting but not important at the moment, Claire was still trying to keep her focus on the trial.

The Prince was speaking to Danielle again and if she caught that right, the teen would live. For now. If she'd followed all that right she was going to help fight some kind of hunter with a crazy nickname. Well that was better then nothing. This "Jackal" though, were they planning on telling any of the newcomers about this hunter? Claire had had enough of being assaulted. If they didn't mention more she'd have to bring it up with Rogan. She'd already had a loosing record in a fight, she needed to know enough to avoid them. And maybe how to win them too.