What was all she could think they are going to cut out his tongue, processing there words, cut out his tongue she had earlier suffered an injury and it was healed now ... was this fatal, permanent and would clan Ventrue act on the permission to destroy one of their own.

His speech - the elements she caught - made her lose some empathy for him, a criminal, and seemingly a violent one, intimately familiar with the age of consent, a family involved in murder ... still to be mutilated like this?

Well she could not help him, and trying to interfere would likely not end well for either of them.

Wait she heard the conversation return to her, so she could survive at least for tonight subject to the death of another, it sat poorly with her, but he was a murderer who had killed policemen along with monsters, and killed monsters who had committed no crime.

She took her knee with the grace she could manage but it was clear she was unsure about this, "I Danielle Leblanc", she moved to kiss his hand still unsure that this would not be the moment he would choose to twist her head off or preform some similar action , her lips met the skin gently and she moved back "swear not to make people aware of the existence of vam ... the kindred through action of inaction, not to knowingly intrude on the territory of another without permission" how she was to know was somewhat unclear "not to create any additional kindred" she probably was meant to say without permission, but she had no intention either way, "to take full responsibility should I through error breach the third tradition" somewhat pointless for her but she supposed mistakes could in theory happen - she would have to follow up with someone Al maybe, to ensure that she knew now to avoid these potential mistakes "to follow the laws according to my words here tonight, and to inform any kindred I do not know to report to the appropriate authority for presentation to yourself" how she was expected to know who was allowed and who wasn't was somewhat beyond her, "and not to cause the destruction of another of our kind", she was tempted to stop their but this time continued "without approval", pausing "I swear this in the knowledge that failure to adhere will result in my death, and that regardless of adherence my continued life is subject to Jackal the Ninebladed being put beyond the ability to harm any individual", she did not swear to murder him but in truth she could think of no alternative method of securing her pledge.

Without standing she looked at the prince to see if he was satisfied with this pledge of if he would expect more.