Her mind racing a mile a minute, she wasn't dead nor would she die tonight - baring something unexpected and what are the chances of that she thought bitterly, still she would take her chance at life.

She nodded her thanks to the prince her voice low "Thank you sir", she stated in French her accent that of her mother's and spoken as someone who had learned it from a very young age, if the man missed his home and still found comfort in its thought she could at least be polite about it.

She turned to Al and returned to English, "and thank you for standing for me, I hope I haven't caused you any real difficulty", pausing while she considered whether to mention it "I am sorry for your loss", she knew that the words were nearly always meaningless to the person that heard them so soon after the loss, but then still needed to be said both to acknowledge the loss and to allow the other person to know that other people cared. She swiftly moved on "If you have time I would like to clarify some points on not intruding on others territories, and how to avoid making more vampires but I understand if you are busy ... but right now I would like to call my mother and make sure she is not panicking about me, would it be possible to ask someone if I could use a phone in private, please", hopefully her mother had not done something that would cause her issue, and she would be able to come up with a solid reason for some lifestyle changes.