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But Hullabaloo, even if there's plenty of room, there's still the problem of mid- and high-population servers having lag, and having times where you go to overflow and your party members don't. So low-population improves gameplay anyway. Maybe a server that has a good amount of people, but still less than half the max.
In my experience 90% of lag is player side. Playing on high population servers in WoW, DDO, Rift (short period) and Rappelz, I've only had server side lag issues in Rappelz, a very poorly managed MMO. If a game like GW2 cant handle the load then I wont be sticking around long anyways.

But being on a low-population server in no way improves game play. Shouting for PUGs takes longer, less quality players, weak AH, economic issues and weaker PvP are all huge detriments for low-population servers. I would rather have the possible issue of lag (which would just be a marker that GW2 is not ready for primetime) then deal with the issues of a low population server.