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    Faction Entry

    Charlie's Family

    The charismatic sitar player known as Charlie formed a cult of personality in the city of Inside. His teachings were rather incoherent, but were loosely based around human supremacy over other species.

    After his death, Charlie's followers continued to believe he was still alive and guiding them. A new leader named Brian took over, but all things spiritual are referred to as coming from Charlie. He has also clarified the message somewhat. He considers it as the responsibility of humans to guide the lesser races, as well as to prevent mixing of species.

    Anyone keeping up with current events may have heard of the cult or seen the video of Charlie's last speech and death. Anyone who wants to play a cult member is welcome to do so. If they are genuine human supremacists, membership can be handwaved. If they are trying to infiltrate, then gaining the trust of the members will need to be roleplayed.

    They can be encountered at The Sitar's Strings, an exclusive restaurant that has an all human staff, and only serves humans. They have a secret Research Institute for Humanist Studies, but it's, you know, secret. And mostly working offscreen due to the lack of PC scientists.

    If Charlie's philosophy, insanity, and the rabid devotion of his followers seem familiar, it's because he's based on a real life Charlie, and a rather famous one at that.

    Notable members:

    • Brian Starling: Leader. Large, well-dressed man with polite speech
    • Jan Lamar: Witness to Charlie's last moments
    • Emily Lamar: Jan's teenage daughter. Knows martial arts
    • Linda Mann: Witness to Charlie's last moments, Assassinated Harpoontok
    • Leah Loveman: Killed a human couple, the Saviks, and kidnapped their baby for the purposes of infiltrating Remnant via the Penal Company
    • Darlene: Became horrified with the group's crimes and gave evidence to Remnant in exchange for a lesser sentence
    • Kareem: Melee bodyguard, works as a roofer
    • Hettie: Firearms bodyguard, tall and lanky

    Notable crimes:
    • Murder of the Saviks
    • Robbing a rich elderly couple (with the intention of murdering them and framing goblins for the crime, but got caught before then)
    • Arson/murder - burning down a crowded tenement house in the slums - dozens killed, including Captain Jefferies of Remnant's Firebug team, and the family of the little orc girl adopted by Jyarl
    • Assassination of Magtok on live television


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