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Thread: Rune/Glyph/Sigil Conglomeration

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    Default Rune/Glyph/Sigil Compendium

    Plagiarizer's Note

    Greetings once again everyone who vies for the Lazy Man’s World Champion Belt! I’m here once again with another Compendium for the chronically lazy and/or those who wish to clean up their Bookmark bar a tad. Once again, I take little to no credit for all that is within this post and am simply attempting to make navigation slightly easier for certain themes. This Compendium focuses on written things. Sticking some marks on a piece of paper, or maybe getting a nice tattoo. All are within your grasp with runes! Without further ado (or a “actually there is more ado” joke) I present the Runic Compendium!

    Additionally, please direct me to more material so I can add it to this Compendium.

    TY! ;D

    Base Classes

    Prestige Classes

    Rune Magic Systems

    Rune Items and Item Enchantments
    Rune Enchantments By AjaxTorbin
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