The Story of Kirlia: Prelude
Character: Kirlia
[The following is from a salvaged log/journal from the Saiyan known as Kirlia]
-Birth Logs-
Name: Kirlia Carratz
Gender: Female
Weight: 12 Pounds
Power Level: 100-file is corrupted-
-file is corrupted-
-file is corrupted-
-file is corrupted-
-file is corrupted-
-File was unsalvageable until the first date in the journal-
Month: 1 Day: 1 Year: 8
Well, erm...hi journal? My mom said that now that I was old enough, I had to keep a journal of my life in case I became famous enough to become a hero of -file is corrupt-
Anyways, not much has happened today. Well, except for Nappa coming over to play with me! He's so pudgy, I doubt he'll ever be powerful...he'll probably be put in a more servant like role!
That's all for now, journal. My mom's calling for me. Apparently a guy called Friez-file is corrupted-

Month: 1 Day: 2 Year: 8 seems I'm being sent off to go conquer my first planet. Apparently Nappa's dad is friend's with-file is corrupted-and put in a good word for me after seeing me beat Nappa so many times!
I'm being sent to Earth, which I've been told is full of weaklings. Though this will be an extremely easy planet to conquer, mom says it'll give me experience! Apparently it'll take two years to get there though...
-File is Corrupted-

Month: 6 Day: 3 Year: 10
I've arrived at Earth! Man, hypersleep is hard to shake off. It feels like I've been sleeping forever!
Anyways, I've meet this nice seeming old man, who's letting me stay in his dojo for the time being.
Hahaha! That fool! Little does he know that he's letting the enemy of his entire world stay with him!
I think I'll save him for last, so I can enjoy the look on his face when he sees me kill his entire ra-file is corrupted-

[The rest of the files were unsalvageable, however it seems that the journal only had entries for the next month]
((This is only a...prelude I think it's called? Anyways, a proper chapter 1 will come next!))