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    1. Are AD&D and 2nd edition the same thing? What are the core book(s) to play called?

    2. Are OD&D and 1st the same thing? What are the core book(s) to play called?

    3. which one of these two had non-human races as classes? both?

    4. Are 1st and second edition very dramatically different? like 3rd and 4th were?
    Wikipedia has a good list of the different versions. The article also goes over many of the differences at a high level.

    5. Can anyone give me a general feel or idea about these systems to help me decide if I'd like them?
    My favorite version is probably 2nd ed AD&D pre-Skills and Powers. It had some of the balancing factors which 3rd lost while remaining fairly simple at heart.

    As for whether you'd like it - I suggest taking a good look at Castles and Crusades - it's an attempt at keeping the best parts of d20 while reverting other areas to something nearer AD&D.

    Edit: Almost forgot - there's also OSRIC, Old School Hack, and Swords and Wizardy.
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