The Story of Kirlia: Part 1
Character: Kirlia

The date? It's the 10th year of my life, the 6th month, and the 3rd day.*
Though the inhabitants of this planet call it February 3rd, 2007...the air here is cold, the ground frozen. The only liquid I've seen had to be hacked out of the solid black ice of a pond and boiled and purified many times before it was fit to be called water. They say this is just a season of their planet, and I hope they're right. I don't think I'll be able to take this more than a month!
I was greeted by an old man today, who dragged me inside his warm dojo after he found me passed out and dying from the freezing cold. Thanks to him, I'm still alive. I think I'll kill him last. Maybe even just make him my slave...

Kirlia, age 16 to the day woke up from her dream, sweating like crazy. She had it ever night of her birthday for the last 6 or so years...ever since gramps had saved her from dying outside.
As she got up she saw that it was 4, still an hour before she needed to get up anyways to prepare for morning meditation.
She sighed and, knowing that she wouldn't be able to go back to bed, stood up and walked to the door. Walking out of it she went straight to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She turned the water on in the shower, knowing it'd be a good 5 minutes until it warmed up. Then, she went to the sink and grabbed her toothbrush before squirting a gob of mint toothpaste on it. Pressing it against her teeth she began to brush vigorously, knowing that if gramps caught even a whiff of morning breath, he'd make her do it again. "If the student can't do even the simplest things right, then how will she ever become a master of anything?" he always said...
She spit out the foam from her mouth and swished water from the sink around in her mouth before spitting that out too. Checking her teeth in the mirror and her breath against her palm quickly, she was satisfied and shed her clothing before hoping in the shower, right as the water hits the perfect temperature. "Take only what you need." gramps would always say...
After a quick shampooing of her hair and a rinse of her body after soaping it off, she stepped out of the shower and dried off on the towel labeled: Kirlia.
Wrapping the towel around her, she walked back to her room and shut the door. Then proceeded to put on her undergarments, then her shirt, and then her gi.*
Looking at the clock she saw it was 5:05.
Cursing under her breath she ran downstairs and out of the house, booking it to the dojo.
When she opened the door, she was greeted by a fist flying towards her face. She dodged it deftly and dodge*to the left, expecting a right hook but going right into a unsuspected left hook.
"Now now, Kirlia, fortune may favor the bold, but haste makes waste..." gramps said.
She looked up and saw that it was another one of gramp's students who had thrown the punches, with gramps looking on from behind.
"You can't expect everyone to be like me in a fight, so you must always access the situation instead of assuming."
Kirlia nodded.
"Yes, gramps..."
And then walked inside the dojo, shame evident on her face.
Today was going to be a looooong day...
((Another part to come tomorrow, hopefully.))